Good show!

Good show this past weekend, thank you to all the visitors who stopped by to have a look and say Hi. This was our first show this year after all the cancellations and we had such a good time, we would certainly consider doing it again.

Fall Studio Tour

Kathy and I are participating in the Peninsula Fall Studio Tour, Oct 26 and 27.  Come and see what we have been up to with our art.


There are 3 other artists close to us also taking part in the tour this year.  Maps are available on the ArtSea website.

Group Project on Display

Our Fun With Fibre and Wood group just finished our first group project.  It is on display until July 18th during our show at the ArtSea Gallery.  Each of our fabric artists created a panel from a photo taken at the end of Beacon Avenue.

Dec. 20

This day has come along very quickly, makes me wonder if time passes by faster in Hawaii. We went for a walk after breakfast.

Kathy could not resist trying out a hammock in front of the hotel.We have no plans after we leave our place on a little while, but will get to the airport at around 9:00 and wait for our flight which gets into Seattle around 6:30 Friday morning.

We left our place around 11:00 just as the housekeepers arrived to clean it up.  We drove down the highway toward Kona and stopped at Kukio Beach.


This where Tania and Travis tied the knot almost 10 years ago.

We had lunch looking out over the bay along with some moochers.



Around the point is a rocky beach where Kathy likes to look for shells.  It was also a good place to watch the waves break on the rocks.

We then carried on past Kona and stopped at a farm where Kathy saw this deal for bananas and avocados.



Back toward Kona, we stopped to have a look at a Keauhou Resort and have a walk around and their grounds.

We stopped at one of our favorite places in Kona for a light dinner, then made our way to the airport after filling up the car.


Our swim this morning was more of a quick dip.  The water was very murky and it was hard to see much of anything, sort of like swimming in a thick fog.  The water was nice and warm and we did enjoy stretching out in the sun for a while.

Kathy has some good gecko photos.  These guys are pretty common, there are some brown ones but most are green like these:

We went for a nice walk in the sun, down to the beach along the shore and back through the Fairmont Orchid Hotel.

 This is the beach where we swim in the morning.  Not many people in the water and we could see how murky it is. These birds, called francolins remind us of partridges.

This one seemed quite used to people, or maybe just liked me.  (I’m pretty sure it was looking for a handout)

 This fellow was putting a new roof on this Hawaiian boathouse.

Kathy got some good pictures of a couple of Nene, Hawaii state bird.

The Fairmont Orchid, appropriately, has a lot of these flowers in the halls and lobbies.

This boat was nice to look at and smell, gingerbread, chocolate and icing.

Lots of pretty spots and colourful plants.

We were out for a last dinner at Mauna Lani.  We went next door to Tommy Bahama’s.  It’s nice to be able to get out of the kitchen once on a while!  Just about time for an intake adjustment, maybe after the Christmas season.

Not sure when tomorrow’s post will happen since we’ll be out of WiFi after we leave here in the morning.