Our trip starts Dec. 4

It was an early start to the day.  Here we are at the airport at 5:30.  Getting up was not a problem as we were quite ready.

 It was a lovely morning.  We saw the sunrise on the way to Seattle.

Kathy looked very happy to set foot on the ground.

 We picked up our car and headed to Kona to our condo.  It was 87 when we left the airport. Felt pretty nice.

We’ve stayed at this place a couple of times before.  Very nice spot on the rocky beach.  It is next to the Royal Kona Resort where we stopped for a drink.


It really  is a nice place to sit and look out over the water.

 We went for a walk and Kathy thought she might need to look at one of Tania’s favorite stores.

We haven’t seen these guys before in Kona.   They were quite ready to pose for pictures.  The oldest one is 25, the youngest is 1.

New Carving

Just finished painting a carved fish.  It is like a rock greenling, but coloured a bit differently.  It’s carved out of red cedar and is about 24” long.  The base is a piece of a maple burl.


Upcoming Events

We are getting ready for two upcoming events; the Sidney Fine Art Show and the Fall Studio Tour.

We took our work down to Sidney Tuesday morning.  Kathy has two beautiful wall hangings and I have a cute branch of patio birds in the show.  That’s part of it in the photo.  The art show starts on Thursday this week with patrons night, then opens for everyone open Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

We are also taking part in the Fall Studio Tour and have been busy creating some new work.

This is a large maple bowl with 3 orcas carved into it.

Another new piece is this branch of patio birds.

The studio tour is on Oct. 20 and 21, 10:00 to 4:00.

Next show

This is a cute yard bird having a look at a very cute Garden Quilt.  Both of these pieces were at the Horticultural Centre this weekend.

We hope to have work in the Sidney Fine Arts Show in October. We’ll be taking our entries to Sidney for adjudication in a couple of weeks.