Next show

This is a cute yard bird having a look at a very cute Garden Quilt.  Both of these pieces were at the Horticultural Centre this weekend.

We hope to have work in the Sidney Fine Arts Show in October. We’ll be taking our entries to Sidney for adjudication in a couple of weeks.

After lunch we went for one last walk around the fish ponds, along past the hotels and back home.

I’ve seen some good looking pieces 0f wood I’d like to bring home with me.  I can see this with a bunch of little birds on it.

This guy was waiting very patiently for a meal to come by.

A hammock on the beach.

It’s been nice to see so many turtles, more than ever.

We are going out for supper this evening, probably to one of the places on the beach.


We ended up at the Luana lounge once again, thanks to our friends from last night who suggested this spot.  This was the view from our table, looking out past the Christmas tree, over the pool to the ocean.  We were thoroughly full after three appys, but found room for dessert and a Mai Tai.  Myself, I went for the fruit, everything was delicious.  This was a wonderful way to spend our last evening.



We were up early today.  We both had a strong feeling that our trip is coming to an end.

I think we were the first ones on the water, the sun was just burning off a bit of haze.  I got a few pictures as a reminder of how nice it is to be able to walk into the water so comfortably.

Back to the villa and time to think about doing some cleaning and packing.

Dec. 10 mid afternoon

We figured a walk would be good since we are going to meet some people for Happy Hour at the Fairmont at 5:00.

We strolled around our usual loop, Kathy was pleased to be able to get pictures of goats and turtles.  I took pictures of flowers.  I determined that while there are lots of flowers, there aren’t really that many kinds.  Here are the more prominent ones we saw:

Kathy had arranged for us to meet at the Luana Lounge at the Fairmont Orchid for happy hour with some folks who have some of our work.  We walked over just before 5:00 and met with Ann and Frank and their friend Carol.  Ann has bought several quilts from Kathy and the quilts are being loved in North Carolina, California and here on the Big Island.  Ann and Frank moved to the Big Island a few years ago from California and they live not too far from where we are staying.  Here’s Frank and Ann:


Carol has a place in California and in Saanichton.  She bought a giraffe from me earlier this year.  Carol and Ann are good friends who visit one another often by the sounds of it.


We had a really nice visit; very friendly people, obviously with exquisite taste in art and easy to spend time with.  We ended up having several appys with our drinks and this  turned out to be dinner, all while listening to live music.  We’re hoping that if  Frank and Ann visit Carol next summer and can get together then.

Dec. 10, a.m.

Usual routine again this morning.  We’re trying to savour our time on the beach as we are realizing there will only be one more day after today with beach time.

The water was clear again today with lots of colorful fish to see.  Kathy was lucky enough to see a big moray eel swimming around.  Yellow tangs are by far the most common.


This is the Hawaiian state fish, called the Humuhumunukunukuapua or commonly, humuhumu.


Parrot fish are quite colorful and you can hear them biting the coral with their parrot-like mouth.


This is a kind of wrasse, they seem quite timid and don’t seem to want to pose for pictures.21024298-F3F1-4298-A816-FC39798A45F3

We lounged around on the beach a bit longer than usual today, enjoying it a lot.

Dec. 9, p.m.

After lunch we headed up the road about 15 minutes to Kawaihae where the Hamakua macadamia nut factory is located.  This seems like a great place to visit even if you’re not going to buy anything as they let you have all the samples you want including 2 or 3 kinds of coffee.  You can walk out full with a buzz.

I got talked into posing.  Outside we stopped and had a look at the huge pile of shells beside the parking lot.

When we left we carried on up the road partly to watch for whales.  We stopped at Lapakahi State Park which is the site of an ancient Hawaiian settlement that was abandoned about 500 years ago when a shift in the water table left the area with no fresh water.  You can do self guided walks through ancient ruins.  A bonus was we got to see whales again.

We got back home and went for a walk – our usual loop, Kathy went one way, I went the other and we met at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel.  We walked back along the shore, stopping for some photos.

Nice light this time of day, not to mention lovely subjects.

We stopped at the Fairmont beach bar for and appy and a drink just at sunset.

It is a great spot and once again this turned into dinner.  We walked through the hotel and saw their big tree light up.

On our way through the hotel property we passed three different places with live music, the last one being the Saturday luau which we are now listening to from our lanai at around 8:00.