Dec. 20

This day has come along very quickly, makes me wonder if time passes by faster in Hawaii. We went for a walk after breakfast.

Kathy could not resist trying out a hammock in front of the hotel.We have no plans after we leave our place on a little while, but will get to the airport at around 9:00 and wait for our flight which gets into Seattle around 6:30 Friday morning.

We left our place around 11:00 just as the housekeepers arrived to clean it up.  We drove down the highway toward Kona and stopped at Kukio Beach.


This where Tania and Travis tied the knot almost 10 years ago.

We had lunch looking out over the bay along with some moochers.



Around the point is a rocky beach where Kathy likes to look for shells.  It was also a good place to watch the waves break on the rocks.

We then carried on past Kona and stopped at a farm where Kathy saw this deal for bananas and avocados.



Back toward Kona, we stopped to have a look at a Keauhou Resort and have a walk around and their grounds.

We stopped at one of our favorite places in Kona for a light dinner, then made our way to the airport after filling up the car.

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