Our swim this morning was more of a quick dip.  The water was very murky and it was hard to see much of anything, sort of like swimming in a thick fog.  The water was nice and warm and we did enjoy stretching out in the sun for a while.

Kathy has some good gecko photos.  These guys are pretty common, there are some brown ones but most are green like these:

We went for a nice walk in the sun, down to the beach along the shore and back through the Fairmont Orchid Hotel.

 This is the beach where we swim in the morning.  Not many people in the water and we could see how murky it is. These birds, called francolins remind us of partridges.

This one seemed quite used to people, or maybe just liked me.  (I’m pretty sure it was looking for a handout)

 This fellow was putting a new roof on this Hawaiian boathouse.

Kathy got some good pictures of a couple of Nene, Hawaii state bird.

The Fairmont Orchid, appropriately, has a lot of these flowers in the halls and lobbies.

This boat was nice to look at and smell, gingerbread, chocolate and icing.

Lots of pretty spots and colourful plants.

We were out for a last dinner at Mauna Lani.  We went next door to Tommy Bahama’s.  It’s nice to be able to get out of the kitchen once on a while!  Just about time for an intake adjustment, maybe after the Christmas season.

Not sure when tomorrow’s post will happen since we’ll be out of WiFi after we leave here in the morning.

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