Dec. 15

We were down to the beach a little earlier today, it is the calmest day we’ve had.  The water was lovely and there were lots of fish as usual.

We had time for a walk to the Fairmont Orchid before lunch.  This looking out through a lounge, over the Christmas tree to one of their pools and the ocean.

 There are a bunch of trees in the lobby decorated by local groups and businesses, much like the ones in a Bay Centre at home.Good view of Mauna Kea today.  We’ve seen it with lots of snow this time of year.Here’s a picture taken a couple years ago from almost the same place.

We decided on one more walk – a stroll actually to possibly have a drink at the beach bar.  The Fairmont Orchid has lovely grounds on the way to the beach.

 We were lucky to get a place to sit right by the beach. We see the same moochers as at home.

 It was such a good place that we stayed for dinner and watched the sunset.   Great place for happy hour (or two).

We are missing Colin and Margaret’s 50th and final Beetle Party this evening and are a little sad not to be there, (just a l

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