Dec. 14

We are settling into a routine: breakfast then down to the beach for a swim, back to our place around 11:00.  Not very many people here at 9:00.

there were lots of fish as usual.

Kathy brought her camera today and may have some pictures to add.

Around 2:30 we left for a walk, almost like yesterday but in the other direction. Saw some of the same things – turtles.

This guy was headed back to the water, they are not what one would call frisky but as they say, slow and steady.

We carried on around the hotels along the beach, along beside the fish ponds and along a path that crosses a lava field.  There some interesting formations like this lava tube.  Ancient Hawaiians used them for shelters.

There are quite a few feral cats on the island, they are usually very timid but this guy walked right by us like he was on a mission.

Back to our place around 4:30, a good walk, and now for some lanai time.

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