Dec. 13

Beautiful morning here at our new place.  Breakfast out on the lanai.  This is the outdoor kitchen part of the lanai.

We’ve been looking forward to swimming in the ocean and after breakfast we drove a few minutes to the area called the “Beach Club” which is for people staying at Mauna Lani.  It is a fairly protected little sandy beach.  We put our masks and snorkels on and pretty well the first thing we saw was a turtle.  We were able to swim along with it for a several minutes, it didn’t seem to mind the company.  The water was a little murky but I did get some pictures.

as well as a short video.



We were in the water for a half hour or so, looking at the fish and enjoying the warm water.

After stretching out in the sun for a while we headed back home at around 10:30.

The resort area where we’re staying, Mauna Lani has 2 hotels, the Mauna Lani Bay and the Fairmont Orchid.  A favorite walk for us is to walk a loop that takes us down to ther shore past the 2 hotels along the beach then back to our place.  This is what we did this afternoon.

We weren’t in a hurry and it took about 1 1/2 hours.

Along the way we saw a herd of goats.  They are fairly timid but cute.

 Close to the beach are some large ponds that are fed by freshwater underground streams.  The ancient Hawaiians used these ponds to growing fish.  There are lots of fish in these brackish waters.

It was quite windy along the beach but lovely and warm.

 The Mauna Lani Bay Hotel has been closed for major renovations.  It is supposed to re open in about a year.  The staff was let go and the owners are hoping they will come back.  It will be interesting to see because I’ve heard that Hawaii has the lowest unemployment rate in the U.S.  The parts of the hotel that we’ve seen have been very nice, so after a reported $100 million reno it should be even farther out of my league. There was a nice rainbow up the coast just about where we were staying a few days ago.    This has been turtle day!  First while we were swimming and now walking along the beach.  It is hard to resist taking pictures of them.  We both have quite few.  We have enjoyed seeing the Christmas tree at the Fairmont Orchid Hotel.  It has varied but this year it is the same as last year. Behind the hotel there are 9 tennis courts.  I think in dozens of times walking by them I have seen people using them twice.  No sign that they are giving in to pickle ball yet. We’ve walked past this little structure quite a few times without going over to read about it.  This is the road in Villages that our place is on.  That’s it on the left.  Nicely kept.After our walk we went over to the pool for a quick dip and a sit in the sun.



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