Dec. 12

We are on our way to Mauna Lani today after our one night in Hilo.  We had breakfast in the restaurant and were treated to a nice rainbow from our view out the window.

We could just barely hear the frogs during the night but not enough to keep us awake.

Our after breakfast walk took us to the large Japanese garden right beside the hotel.

then to little Coconut Island which is in front of the hotel.  This island is called Moku Ola in Hawaiian which translates to “Island of Life.”  Legend has it that you are feeling ill, swimming around the island 3 times would heal you.

 This coconut tree is marked with the heights of different tsunamis that have hit the area.  Kathy is pointing to the highest one which hit in 1940, I think it said 26 ft high.  Apparently this is one reason why old downtown Hilo has never been modernized; it will undoubtedly get hit again.

Looking out the other way we could see a cruise ship in Hilo for the day.

We left Hilo around noon and drove over the Saddle Road, a different route than we took getting to Hilo.  It sort of cuts straight across the island rather than along the coast.

We stopped for a bite to eat in Waikoloa Village at a Mexican food kiosk that we usually go to at least once.

 We were a bit early to get to our townhouse so we went for a walk along the shore at Waikoloa Beach. This is one of the bigger beaches on the island, it is called “A Bay”, short for a long Hawaiian name.We got to our new place around 4:00; were expecting it to be pretty nice and we were not disappointed.  It is in the Villages at Mauna Lani.  Here are the first few photos.

At first glance it appears very well stocked even a dozen or so beers  in the fridge.

After a quick walk over to the market, dinner on the lanai this evening:


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