Dec. 10

Another day with no big plans.  After breakfast we went for a drive to the north end of the island, to the towns of Hawi and Kapa’au to the Pololu Valley lookout.  This about a half hour drive and after about 10 miles it starts to get to less and less arid.

 We stopped at Keokea State Park along the way back.  It was pretty windy and the water was very rough.  There were showers for rinsing off after swimming but no one will be using them today.  A Hawaiian fellow was fishing in the lee of a little breakwater.  He didn’t have any luck that we saw.We stopped at a gallery in one of the towns and at a couple other parks with shore access.  The coast is very rocky along this part of the island with no sand to speak of.

Back to our place for lunch.

After reading for a bit we decided to head down to the macadamia nut factory, which is a short drive from our house.

 It is a good place to go for a snack as they have free samples of nuts and coffee. after getting back we walked down the road to see some goats that we have noticed as we drove by.  They were quite friendly, or maybe just hungry.

There were a few birds, tooWe’ve got a checklist of things to do before we leave tomorrow, some we can do this evening, some we’ll do in the morning.

It has been hard to predict what the sunset would be like but tonight turned out to be spectacular.  Here are some photos, they don’t really do it justice.

The sky was full of colour for at least 180 degrees.

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