Dec. 9

After breakfast we drove down the hill a couple of miles to Spencer Beach State Park and went for a walk along the shore.

  We came upon several little sandy beaches along the way.   The place we’re staying is under the rainbow up on the hillside.



 After about 30 min. We came to this sign and had to turn around.

Next to Spencers Beach Park there is a national historic site called Pu’ukohola Heiau.  There are 2 big stone structures (Heiau)  that were originally built by King Kamehameha in the late 1700’s.   By building these, he was told that the gods would enable him to achieve his destiny and unify all the Hawaiian Islands.  It worked out well for him in the end. On the way back we stopped in the very small community of Kawaihae and looked at Harbor Gallery, which has lots of incredible carvings.  (No photos were taken)  I did come away with some ideas.

It’s not quite as windy so far today and once again it is sunny and warm.  This is the view from my chair on the lanai looking south down the coast of the Big Island.


Kathy was happy with the way her fabric turned out the other day and is doing some more pieces out back.

If I turn my head 90 degrees this is the view looking west:

It’s lunch time and it seems to me it will be easy to hang out here this afternoon.

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