Dec. 8

The weather continues to be nice and clear although breezy.  Our walking choices from the house are pretty limited.  Up the road or down the road.  We walked up the road as far as we could then came back for a cup of tea.

The house is at the end of a steep driveway.  It’s obviously a very dry part of the island, in the shadow of the Kohala Mountains but there is some irrigation around the house, hence the nice vegetation.  The lanai runs around 3 sides of the house so it is possible to to be in/out of the sun or breeze.

There is a bit of lawn at their front of the house and no landscaping at all around the back.  Kathy thought it would be a good place to try some fabric painting because what she likes is lots of sun.

It is turning out to be quite windy around the north end of the island with wind advisories for both the east side around Hilo and over here on the west side.  Probably would not have been a great day to go swimming at a lot of the places around here, there is also a surf advisory for 20 – 30 ft waves.  When we go out we’ll have to watch out for falling coconuts.

When Kathy was out for a little walk up the road she noticed that there is a lime tree beside the driveway.

The road our house is on is quite short, there are only about 6 houses, ours is on a 3 acre lot.  At the end road there is an empty lot with a nice view to the south east.  The mountain in the background is Mauna Kea.  If you look closely (or magnify it) you can see the observatories.

It is getting close to sunset time.  There is bound to be some pictures shortly.  In the meantime, Kathy is busy concocting a drink for herself with very fresh lime juice.

Sunset tonight was looked just like last night, we have photos anyway. Barbecuing duties await.

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