Dec. 7

Today is our first moving day.  We have the condo until 11:00 and plan to take a scenic route to our next place.  After breakfast we went for a walk in Kona.  It is another beautiful morning.

 Even along roads off the beaten track there are nice flowers.

We stopped at the market on the way and Kathy bought some fruit for the next few days.


 When we left Kona we drove south for about 30 min. And stopped at a National Park where the House of Refuge is located.  This is a very sacred spot to Hawaiians The ancient Hawaiian culture was brutal by today’s standards.  Ordinary people could face death for all sorts of reasons such as stepping on the King’s shadow.  If someone was guilty of one these crimes and they were able to make their way to the Place of Refuge before capture, they were free. There are some fresh water ponds here, fed by underground springs.   Nice paths to walk among the salt and pepper sand made from white coral and black lava.  After we left the park we headed north through a community called Hualaloa.  There are a lot of artists in the area and lots of little galleries.  Some of the buildings are quite old.   We had Mexican food and then looked in some of the galleries, then carried on our way.  Some lovely work but really pricey! We drove to Waimea along this inland road about 35 miles.  It is probably the third biggest town on the island after Hilo and Kona. At about 2500 ft elevation Waimea gets a lot more rain than the leeward side.  It was drizzling a little when we we stopped at a grocery store.  We then headed for our place. About a 20 min drive back to the west side.

Our place is a house located in the northern part of the west side of the island.  It is a 3 bedroom house which has 2 of the bedrooms locked off.  It’s located about a mile from the water but has an expansive view.  Looks like there will be lots of room for the 2 of us.  Here are a few pictures.   This looks like it might be an easy place to stay for a view days.  There will be sunset pictures . . .  Today 5:44

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