Dec. 6

Today always reminds me of Bill, it would be his birthday.  On a happier note, it is Mike F’s birthday as well.  After breakfast a walk is part of the routine where ever we are.  We headed down Ali’l Dr away from town a little way.

Another gorgeous day.  Not too interesting a place to walk, lots of cars, narrow sidewalk area, and not much to see so we headed the other way.

The pier is at the other end of town and it was very quiet compared to this time yesterday when all the cruise ship passengers were coming ashore.

One of the larger hotels is here and they have a little sandy beach where paddle boards and kayaks can be rented.

The hotel staff was getting ready for tonight’s luau.  Food gets covered on top of the fire to cook all day.

We headed our own ways agreeing to meet back at the condo at lunch.

After lunch we watched a  native fisherman try his luck right below own lanai.  Quite a precarious spot especially with the waves breaking over the rocks.

He had a long fiberglass pole with a snare on the end but we didn’t see him catch anything.

It was off to Target in the afternoon, then to a fabric store where Kathy has had success finding rayon for her quilting.  For me, the best thing about the Target store was the flowers growing up the side of the building.  They looked very seasonal.

Success at both stores and virtually no waiting.  This gave us time to relax some more when we got back.

We have the choice of sitting in the sun or the shade this time of day.  There is a bit of breeze and the odd cloud this afternoon so it is not too hot in case anyone should be worrying about our comfort level.

Around 5:00 we headed down the road and stopped at a couple places for an appetizer and to watch the sunset.

This evening looked liked it had potential for a really nice sunset but ended up being OK.  We were in a nice spot overlooking the water.  There are lots of places with entertainment along the way and we stopped to watch a few.

It is Looking like Christmas is coming.

We stopped one last time at the bar next to our place on the way home.  4 little mai tai tasters:

We will be moving on tomorrow. This has been a memorable time in Kona.

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