Dec. 10 mid afternoon

We figured a walk would be good since we are going to meet some people for Happy Hour at the Fairmont at 5:00.

We strolled around our usual loop, Kathy was pleased to be able to get pictures of goats and turtles.  I took pictures of flowers.  I determined that while there are lots of flowers, there aren’t really that many kinds.  Here are the more prominent ones we saw:

Kathy had arranged for us to meet at the Luana Lounge at the Fairmont Orchid for happy hour with some folks who have some of our work.  We walked over just before 5:00 and met with Ann and Frank and their friend Carol.  Ann has bought several quilts from Kathy and the quilts are being loved in North Carolina, California and here on the Big Island.  Ann and Frank moved to the Big Island a few years ago from California and they live not too far from where we are staying.  Here’s Frank and Ann:


Carol has a place in California and in Saanichton.  She bought a giraffe from me earlier this year.  Carol and Ann are good friends who visit one another often by the sounds of it.


We had a really nice visit; very friendly people, obviously with exquisite taste in art and easy to spend time with.  We ended up having several appys with our drinks and this  turned out to be dinner, all while listening to live music.  We’re hoping that if  Frank and Ann visit Carol next summer and can get together then.

One thought on “Dec. 10 mid afternoon

  1. Thank you for coming to the lounge last night and making us feel so welcome. It was really nice to see the three of you. Will look forward to seeing you again.

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