Dec. 10, a.m.

Usual routine again this morning.  We’re trying to savour our time on the beach as we are realizing there will only be one more day after today with beach time.

The water was clear again today with lots of colorful fish to see.  Kathy was lucky enough to see a big moray eel swimming around.  Yellow tangs are by far the most common.


This is the Hawaiian state fish, called the Humuhumunukunukuapua or commonly, humuhumu.


Parrot fish are quite colorful and you can hear them biting the coral with their parrot-like mouth.


This is a kind of wrasse, they seem quite timid and don’t seem to want to pose for pictures.21024298-F3F1-4298-A816-FC39798A45F3

We lounged around on the beach a bit longer than usual today, enjoying it a lot.

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