Dec. 9, p.m.

After lunch we headed up the road about 15 minutes to Kawaihae where the Hamakua macadamia nut factory is located.  This seems like a great place to visit even if you’re not going to buy anything as they let you have all the samples you want including 2 or 3 kinds of coffee.  You can walk out full with a buzz.

I got talked into posing.  Outside we stopped and had a look at the huge pile of shells beside the parking lot.

When we left we carried on up the road partly to watch for whales.  We stopped at Lapakahi State Park which is the site of an ancient Hawaiian settlement that was abandoned about 500 years ago when a shift in the water table left the area with no fresh water.  You can do self guided walks through ancient ruins.  A bonus was we got to see whales again.

We got back home and went for a walk – our usual loop, Kathy went one way, I went the other and we met at the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel.  We walked back along the shore, stopping for some photos.

Nice light this time of day, not to mention lovely subjects.

We stopped at the Fairmont beach bar for and appy and a drink just at sunset.

It is a great spot and once again this turned into dinner.  We walked through the hotel and saw their big tree light up.

On our way through the hotel property we passed three different places with live music, the last one being the Saturday luau which we are now listening to from our lanai at around 8:00.

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