Thursday, p.m.

Around 5:00 we headed to the shops, about a 10 minute walk.

The walk through the Fairway Villas is quite pretty.

Kathy wanted to take a class on weaving palm leaves, and I carried on for a walk.  We arranged to meet at 6:30 to watch a show at the shops.

I walked along passed the fish pond close to sunset.  It was a very calm evening.

I had the place to myself and walked out to the beach as the sun went down.   I think the turtles like to come out onto the beach this time of day.  There were four or five of them close by.

I carried on through the hotels and back to the shops to meet Kathy who had a good seats for us to watch the show.  Every Monday and Thursday there is a free show.  We’ve seen it quite a few times, it’s less than an hour long, quite entertaining, very popular, and gives local dancers a chance to develop their skills.  They may end up doing the luaus which all the resorts around here have.

We walked back after dark and enjoyed seeing a lot of stars.  I heard that 90% of the stars visible from earth are visible from nearby Mauna Kea.

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