Thurs. a.m.

After leaving our place around 8:45 we drove about 15 min to a place along the highway where there is a little room to park and a trail to a beach.  The walk takes about 20 min.  We did it last year with Diane and saw lots of goats.  Same this year – lots of goats.  Seems like a tough spot to eke out and existence.

Nice beach with big waves today.

There are a few houses along the beach, totally off the grid and quite a rough road to reach them.

This one had a little pond along side it.  These brackish ponds are quite common here and there along the shore.  They’re fed by fresh water underground streams and were used by the ancient Hawaiians for raising fish.

Hunting for shells is irresistible.

We saw turtles in the waves and little birds hunting around on the rocks.  Kathy found an interesting looking bone?, as well.  It was a very good place to sit and look out toward Japan and munch on one of yesterday’s malasadas.


After about an hour we walk back to the car and drove another 10 min to Kukio Beach.  There is a public beach here but it is in a very swanky place called Hualalei, and there is lots of security.  You have to pick up a pass from a guard house, and go through a gate to get to the beach.  We hear there are more billionaires per capita than anywhere in Hawaii.

It’s special to us because this is where Tan and Trav got married and we have very distinct memories of Tania walking along this path from the parking lot to the beach in her wedding dress.

Quite different than that special evening when we were about the only people around.

We did come across a very happy couple!!



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