Wednesday, p.m.

After breakfast we left for a drive to the Vanilla Factory, about an hour away on the other side of Waimea.

Cute little gift shop inside where Kathy bought a few items.  They are the only place in the US that grows vanilla.  This was an out of the way place to run into someone Kathy knows from home, someone who was also one of Tania’s teachers at Sansbury Elementary.  Especially coincidental because it turns out they are staying in the same complex as us.

After we left and drove back for a few minutes to the little town of Honoka’a, where a bit of looking around happened.  There are lots of older looking places dating from the time this area was used for growing sugar cane.

By this time it was lunch and we decided to try Tex which is renown for their malasadas or Portuguese donuts.  After a very filling lunch we bought 4 malasada but were too full to give them a try until we got back home.

They were pretty tasty, 1 each of plain, mango, papaya, and cream filling.  I think I’d better head down for a swim.

A swim by the Fairmont Orchid maybe worked off a very few calories, it was nice and refreshing in any case.

We’ll raise a glass and remember Bill, it would have been his birthday today.

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