Dec. 5, p.m.

Our afternoon walk took us down to the Beach Bar at the nearby Fairmont Orchid; we got there just in time for last call at 4:00.

Kathy’s favourite is a freshly made ginger ale.  We took our drinks and sat on loungers watching the snorkelers in the little bay.

On the way back we walked by Brown’s Beach House.  Memorable for me as the place where I had probably the best meal of my life.  One of those times where the mood, ambiance, food, drink, entertainment, and especially the company, may never come together in the same way.

On the way through the gate into our villas we talked to a fellow who was walking his dog.  The dog looked a lot like Alfie, a yellow lab we know and like a lot.  The owner is from north of Toronto and spends 6 months here in his condo except for going home at Christmas.  This year, he has someone stay in his condo to look after Casey, his dog, for a couple of weeks over Christmas, rent free, just walk the dog 3 times a day.  What a good gig!!!  I felt like leaving my card.

Kathy got dinner underway as Happy Hour continued.

And we shared today’s advent calendar beer: a tasty, fruity, good in Hawaii drink.


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