Monday a.m.

Down for a snorkel around 8:30. Pretty calm but very murky today.  The lifeguard said it could be due to the very high tide last night.

Every nook and cranny has some kind of life.

Kathy gathered up her fabric painting supplies, wetting some pieces of cloth and putting her containers of paint in a bag.

We headed down to beach at Puako, which was a short walk from a parking lot beside the Fairmont Orchid hotel.

The shore here is mostly lava with tide pools and little bits of sandy beach here and there.

Kathy put paint on the fabric and laid an assortment of things from the beach on top.

It is a great place to look in tide pools, which we did while things dried.

Here’s a sea cucumber.

A sea urchin (this one taken with my phone), wouldn’t want to step on one.

It is kind of like looking into an aquarium.


There are usually turtles around, they never seem to get themselves landlocked in a tide pool.

After an hour or so things were dry enough to pack up.

Pretty nice places along here, mostly empty from what we could tell.


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