Sunday, p.m.


We eat most of our meals outside on the downstairs lanai.  Kathy is finishing lunch after a FaceTime visit with Sharon and her Dad.

Looks like I might not need to mention the weather for the next week.  Here’s the latest forecast.

Time for an afternoon walk.


This is the road our place is on.  It is a loop with 12 buildings on the outside and 9 buildings on the inside. Each building has 6 units.  The pool is in the middle.  We are on the outside facing west.  I’m guessing a good number are rentals.

It has cleared off enough to see the top of Mauna Kea.  You can just make out the observatories on the summit.  No snow in sight right now but there is probably some up there.

Walking along the shore, Kathy stopped to point out Maui in the distance.

We carried on through the Fairmont Orchid grounds.  There are lots of  very manicured spots.

A couple more pictures from today, before supper.



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