Saturday p.m.

Sorry to hear it’s a bit rainy and cool at home.  We’re just back from a walk around the beach, this loop is becoming a favorite.  There are quite a few ways we can do it.


The path along the beach between the two hotels is sandy with lots of places to stop and watch the waves and take pictures.


The hammocks in front of the Mauna Lani Bay hotel are quite comfortable.  There are five of them and none were being used when we went by.

We stopped for a very quick look in the hotel gift shops.  Kathy may have picked up an idea for using sea glass.   Her sea glass angels would look terrific in the gift shop and would undoubtedly be big sellers.

This is the entrance to the hotel.  Kathy is faking the fish, they are used to getting treats so come rushing over.


We both had our hats blow off between here and home (just so you have an idea what we’re up against here.)

Looks like it’s going to be fresh tuna on the grill tonight.  We’ll be able to listen to the music from the luau at the the hotel.

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