Dec. 1, p.m.

Continues to be a beautiful sunny day, in the low 80’s with a breeze.  We sat by the pool for a few minutes before lunch and enjoyed the warmth.

After lunch we went for a walk down the road to the Fairmont Orchid.  There are a bunch of tennis courts there which never seem to be used.  This is the main court.


We wanted to see how the Christmas Tree at the hotel was coming along.  The last two years the hotel has put together a big tree made of coconuts.  This year they have changed things.


I’m sure at night it will look pretty.

We walked along the beach to the Mauna Lani Bay hotel, about 10 minutes along the waterfront.


This guy had hauled himself up on the beach. It’s hard not to stop and take pictures, especially the first ones you see.

We walked back to the villa with a stop at the little grocery store for a few things.  This loop took about 70 minutes.  Kathy needed to be back to hear about her parents’ house, which went up for sale Wednesday.

After hearing that a “SOLD” sign had gone up at the house we headed down to the beach for an appy.


Seasonal flowers.

We found a good spot to sit and watch the world go by.


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