Later Monday

We had a good walk past the shops, along the Kings’ Trail, down passed the Beach Club, through the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel, one of the hotels in this area, and back home.  It took about 2 hours and was almost lunch time.  Dan the handyman had dropped off a new coffee maker and changed a couple of light bulbs just before we left.  The new coffee maker seems to work pretty well.  Nice service from Elena, the owner of the condo.

This very large moth was outside on the lanai.  It didn’t mind being picked up and held.  Lots of spraying is done regularly around the resort and I’m sure lots of non pests like this moth pay a price.

We drove over to the shops, partly because we are out of wine already!  I left Kathy there to look around; she’s way better off doing that on her own.  Unless she buys a lot, she’ll walk back.

I’ve been reading on the lanai.  Golfers go by about once every 30 min although a few more lately, maybe taking advantage of afternoon rates.

We’re going to do some grilling and will eat out on the lanai.  It has been overcast and breezy off and on today; feels like it’s about 80 degrees, quite comfortable and good way of gradually getting some tan without much chance of sunburn.

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