November 19

I didn’t have my camera with me in the water yesterday and I saw something I hadn’t seen before in the dozens of times snorkelling here.  I found this picture of one.  It is a Crown of Thornes starfish.  They eat coral and have been in the news as having caused lots of damage to coral reefs

Another early start for some of us this Saturday.  Around 8:00 we headed off for a drive to Waimea to visit a farmers’ market.






This scruffy little guy must have had a hard morning getting ready for the market.


After a few minutes of buying some produce we headed across the street, where the ladies found this cute guy.


One of Kathy’s go to stores is here so it meant a stop here for a few minutes.


Back across the street for a bit of grocery shopping and a look at the Parker Ranch store.


Here’s Fred looking at some of the history of the ranch.

We left Waimea and headed to the coast to Kawaihae where we thought we’d stop for lunch.  Unfortunately the place was closed so instead we went to the macadamia nut factory to have some samples and maybe by a few nuts.




Back home for lunch, a good morning!  It really does make a difference getting an early start.

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