November 18

We are certainly getting up early so far, maybe we are still adjusting to Hawaii time, maybe cause we are early to bed.  I came downstairs at 5:45.  Doris and Diane were already having their second cups of coffee.

Kathy and I went for a walk after breakfast.


The grounds are well cared for, there is a crew of gardeners here every day.


We walked along the Kings trail toward the Mauna Lani Bay Hotel.


They were just getting started on these houses last year at this time.  Progress has been slow.


This a year ago.



We carried on to the hotel and saw the fish in the entrance.  They are always excited to see someone walk by.


In the atrium there are more pools with fish and turtles in them.

The hotel grounds are lovely.



Kathy couldn’t resist trying a hammock on the beach.


We carried on passed the fish ponds and Beach Club and back home.

Nice hour long walk.

After lunch it was off to the beach.  The ladies were dropped off at the north end of the resort area for a walk along the shore through the two hotels, passed the snorkelling beach and back home.

Fred and I went for a walk to the petroglyph park.


This trail is through a very dry area, it i8s amazing the plants can eke out an existence.  The trees are a kind of acacia closely related to koa, a gorgeous looking local wood.  This is a trunk that was recently cut.



Most of the petroglyphs are on an uncommon type of lava; it is easy to see that it would lend itself to being carved.  The petroglyphs are over 1000 years old and no one is sure what they mean.


The ladies made it back to the beach club where they stopped for a drink and asked for a ride back.  They had a good walk and some success shopping-wise.  A new hat looked very nice.dsc_0019

This is a Kolea, a kind of plover,  they are pretty common on the grass off the lanai, I think hunting for bugs.

We are eating in this evening burgers and tuna are on the menu.

Nice evening here, the sun setting on Mauna Kea looked pretty nice.


Dinner was great and we had an interesting visitor come around because a light was on the lanai.


I think this is the biggest moth most of us had seen.  We’ll check to see if it’s there in the morning.

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