November 16

Fred and Diane arrived here a little after midnight and after sitting around catching up we were all ready for a good night’s sleep.

After breakfast we headed down to the beach.  Luckily, we were given a Sedona minivan that all 6 of us could fit into.

I think everyone put on some sunscreen, hopefully reef friendly.


At this time of the day there weren’t too many people on the beach.  We spent a couple hours in the water and stretched out in the sun.

The water was a little murky but nice and warm.

The ladies walked over to the Wednesday garden market at Waikoloa, about a 40 minute walk.

Fred and I sat on the lanai watching a large bird in the tree by the lanai.  We determined it was an immature Black-crowned night heron.  They get to be about 64 cm tall with a wingspan of about a meter.

We drove over to the shopping area and had lunch at the Three Fat Pigs restaurant in Waikoloa.

The ladies continued with some shopping; patience was exercised.


Christmas decorations were evident.  Seems pretty early as American Thanksgiving isn’t for a week or so.


Over stop at the Mauna Lani shops and we headed home; the start of Happy Hour.  We are heading over to the pool for a few minutes.  More to come . . .

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