November 17

Great looking day here, a NE wind has blown any clouds away and it is going to be a sunny and hot day.   We can see Mauna Kea today, the little white things are the observatories at the summit.


We are each looking after our own breakfasts and lunches which has been working out really well.  There is lots of room in the kitchen area if several of us are in there at the same time.  It was very nice to come downstairs this morning to freshly made coffee.


We went down for a swim and snorkel this morning, and found it pretty windy and a bit wavey.  The water was nice and warm and we had no trouble getting in.  The lounge chairs are great for drying off and soaking up some rays.

After lunch we decided on a plan for the rest of the day. This involved some shopping which it was decided would be better to happen without Fred and Pete.


Here are the ladies ready to head to the Queen’s Shops at Waikoloa, about a five minute drive away.  They walked there yesterday.  Doris drove then Fred and I are going to meet them in about an hour.



We met on time and went for a short walk.


More seasonal decorations at the market.  The 6 of us walked up the road to the Marriot Hotel then down to the beach for some more pictures.


This is a pretty nice beach.


After a short walk along “A Bay” we stopped for a rest at Lava Lava.

Kathy is having a drink called a Dizzy Donkey, which she quite liked.


We stayed until Happy Hour, not really planned, but had a good time, one of those spontaneous things that work out.



Nice relaxing place.




A slight mix up meant I ended up with an extra Mai Tai, an unexpected bonus.  The ladies had to stop at a Macey’s Store so Fred and I headed back to the condo to make sue all the housework was done.

The days seem to go by pretty fast and it is a pretty early night for us.

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