Nov. 21

Everyone was up early, there has been no one sleeping in at all so far.  After breakfast Doris, Diana and Fred set off for Volcano National Park with Doris doing the driving. They are going via Saddle Rd which will take them to Hilo on the way.  They expect a long day as it is about a 3 hour drive each way.

Kathy, Diane and I set out for Kaholo Bay, which we get to by walking about 20 min from the highway starting just passed Waikoloa.


Very dry at the start of the walk but it gets a little greener the nearer we are to the shore.

We were lucky to come across several groups of wild goats.  They are pretty timid but we were. Close enough to get a few pictures.


One group had about 15 goats in it.




There are a couple of interesting houses along the beach here.  Both are off their grid although there is a rough road to them.


We spent quite a bit of time watching turtles.  There were a lot of them all along the beach anywhere there were rocks.




If we looked closely we could see them in the waves.


We carried on to Kona for a little bit of shopping then drove the scenic route to Waikoloa Village for lunch at a little Mexican place we like.

. . .

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