Nov. 20 Part 2

This was a day where we did more of our own thing than the first few days.  I went for a long walk after breakfast.  Kathy walked done for a swim.  We’ve realized it doesn’t really take too long to walk to the beach so we may do that more often rather than driving every time.  I got back after two hours, no one else was here.  Kathy got back around 10:30. The others had walked done to the beach as well and they gat back around noon.

Kathy has booked a sunset cruise for us on the Winona, the boat that is moored at the beach club.  We plan on walking down, partly so no one has to drive home.  Drinks and pupus are included.

The upstairs lanai has a couple of comfy looking loungers that we tested out for a few minutes.


I might post some more pictures later, depending on how the drinks and pupus are.


We walked down to the beach aroUnd 3:00 amd waited until the rest of the passengers arrived.


The boat is moored in the bay where we snorkel, it is a 50 ft catamaran called the Winona.  Here are some pictures from Kathy’s camera.













There were 11 passengers on the boat, good service with two crew looking after us besides the captain who ran the boat.  We got back in around 6:00 and had a short walk back home for dinner.



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