Nov. 30

We are settling in to our new place.  It is smaller, being a 2 bedroom townhouse, but plenty of room for the two of us.  It is very nicely furnished and should be great for a week.

We were up pretty early, before sunrise.


This is the downstairs lanai.  It should be in the sun mid morning to sunset.

We drove over to the Beach Club for a swim after breakfast.  It would be a pretty long walk from here but about a 5 minute drive.


Kathy is just getting out of the water after a 30 minute snorkel.  At 8:30 there aren’t very many people here.  We always think how nice it is to be able to walk into the water for a swim.  After stretching out in the sun for a while to dry off, we headed back to the condo, with no big plans for the rest of the day.

After a coffee we went for a walk around the complex where we are staying.  It is called the Fairway Villas.


It looks like there are 6 units each of the 20 or so buildings.  This is the entrance to ours.  We are on the end of #11.


There is a small exercise room with some machines and weights.


A fairly big pool; that’s Kathy at their other end.


A spa with a little waterfall that some birds were having a bath in.

We are quite close to the Fairmont Orchid Hotel and we walked down the road to it.  We stopped to watch some goats along the way.  It is an 8 minute walk to the hotel.


The hotel has 9 tennis courts, 1 was in use but not their centre court.


The hotel has nice grounds, of course.





This is a big photograph on the wall of our place.  I may not need to take any more turtle pictures.

Kathy heard from our fellow vacationers, as they arrived back home.  Sounds like they may be missing Hawaii a bit.

It is just about lunch time, the sun is on the lanai and I may just relax for a while.

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