Nov. 30 Part 2

It is a relaxing day of not doing much, especially not much driving.

We walked up to the Shops at Mauna Lani around 1:45, and I carried on for a walk down to the shore while Kathy decided to look around at the shops.  There are a few of her favorites that she hasn’t been in yet.

A nice breeze keeps it from feeling too warm and walking by myself gave me a chance to stop and take some pictures.


I passed some more goats, there seems to be a lot of them around this year.  Can’t blame them since there is lots to nibble on in the resort area.


There are also lots of these little egrets.  I have seen them catch geckos on the ground cover.


The birds probably have to watch out for feral cats which are lurking around.


Mynas are one of the commonest birds around here.  They always seem to have a bit of an attitude and are quite vocal.

Walking along the beach I passed quite few turtles that had pulled themselves up to lie in the sun.  Hard not to take a few pictures.



Sunset today off the lanai.

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