Nov. 29

  • We are getting ready to leave our condo; we have to be out by 11:00.  We had a nice evening last night, we went to Tommy Bahamas restaurant and then watched the free show at Mauna Lani.


Kathy and I wished our 4 fellow holiday travelers a safe trip home and we left our golf villa at 11:00 and headed for Hawi at the north end of the island, about a 40 minutes drive away.  We stopped for lunch along the way and spent the afternoon looking in little shops (at least Kathy did.)

We arrived at our new place at 4:00 and are just getting ready to put steaks on the barbecue.  This place also is pretty nice.  There will be some pictures tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “Nov. 29

  1. Beautiful place Pete. And what fun you are having there. I have seen all the photos & am really looking forward to see more. Love, Elly

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