Nov. 27

Another early start to their day; this happens when everyone is in bed by 9:00.  We haven’t been night owls by any stretch.

I drove down to the beach, everyone else walked down; very calm this morning, warm and clear, too.

We all had good swims.  Kathy even heard a whale!

I don’t think I’ve seen one of these fish before.  It was fairly big compared to the yellow tang in the picture and kind of homely looking.


I also saw a moray eel today, the first one I’ve seen this year.


Kathy and I went to Puako, just down the road from Mauna Lani, for a walk on the shore.


This is a favorite of ours, not much sand but nice flat lava with pools and little bays.  We usually see turtles here but not today.

Back at the condo, Doris and Diana left for Waikoloa Village to try the Mexican place for lunch, and Fred and Diane left for Hawi, a little town at the north end of the island for a look around.  I think Diane wanted to visit some little shops there.

Some of us are back after lunch.  Doris and Diana had no luck in Waikoloa, it being Sunday, Tres Mex was closed.  Doris drove the 4 of us over to the parking lot by the Petroglyph Park.  They walked along to Puako and Kathy and I walked back along the beach towards home. We all saw lots of turtles, which was great for everyone.  It remains very hard not to take turtle pictures.  Here are a few, the first one had dug itself into the sand.

dscf0151 dscf0152 dscf0154 dscf0155 dscf0157We have been seeing quite a few of these egret like birds this trip.  They seem to be hunting for food in the ground cover.

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