Nov. 26

After breakfast today we decided to go for a drive along the Hamakua Coast road which runs along the north side of the island eventually getting to Hilo.  There are some interesting places to stop along the way and we made several stops.

The first was at the lookout to Waipio Valley.



There is a pretty terrific view from here.  It is possible to hike down to the bottom or rent an ATV and ride down.  We just had a look from the top.


We carried on to the Hawaiian Vanilla Factory and had a look around in their store.



Everything is flavored with vanilla; from coffee to cookies.

We stopped for lunch at Just Shakin a place that specializes in smoothies made from fruit grown on the property.

We drove back along the same route, giving everyone a good chance to appreciate how different the east side of the island is, compared to the very dry west side where we are staying.

We kind of did different things after we got back.  I walked with Kathy over to the spa for a look around.  She went to the beach after and met Fred and Diane.  I carried on for a walk, Doris went to the pool and Diana stuck around the condo.

I saw some turtles on the beach between the Fairmont Orchid and Mauna Lani Bay Hotels.



When I got to our swimming beach I met the 3 swimmers and we walked back home together, just about in time for happy hour.


It continues to be pretty nice weather here, not too hot, with a little bit of breeze.  At 4:30 it looks like there will be another nice sunset in about an hour.

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