Dec. 3

We are back to clear, sunny weather today.  This is looking west from our upstairs lanai.  The white building is the Fairmont Orchid Hotel.


We went down for a swim after breakfast and found the water very murky; must have something to do with the weather we had in the last two days.  We didn’t snorkel long as we couldn’t see more than a meter or so.  Laying on a lounge chair looking out over the beach, we did see a whale, the first we’ve seen this year.  Last year we didn’t see a single one.  We will be keeping our eyes out for the rest of the trip.

On a walk along the beach before lunch I watched this fellow cast a net and pull it in with a bunch of fish.  Looked pretty easy.


These little rock doves have a very distinctive call.  They are very common around here.


I went passed another big bunch of feral goats on my walk.  This was one particularly good looking fellow.


Around 5:00 we walked down to the Fairmont to watch the sunset and ended up stopping at the beach restaurant for a bite.  Not too much of a sunset but we had a great spot overlooking the water and had a light dinner and a couple of drinks.  It was a memorable evening.


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