Dec. 2

It is a drier day today although there are still flash flood warnings for some parts of the island.  There is no breeze at all this morning and it seemed muggy when we went for a walk.


The damp weather brought this big snail out of the ground cover.

We walked along a path through a lava field to the beach and then did a big loop back home.  Along the way we stopped to look at a big cave formed from part of a lava tube.  It is said that Hawaiians used to used this for shelter when they were traveling.


Very nice, low key day today with a couple of walks, some reading, a swim, and a nice drink on the lanai.  It has been overcast and calm all day, and the forecast says it might be much like this for a few days.



Pretty sunset tonight, still quite overcast and very still.dsc_0157

After dinner we went for a walk down the road to the Fairmont Orchid.

The coconut tree looked good, probably even better then in daylight.


Very nice sitting on a couch by the shore watching and listening to the waves; nice way to spend part of the evening.


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