Dec. 1

This looks one of the very rare days in Mauna Lani when it is rainy!  This might not be news back home but it doesn’t happen very often here as this area gets about 6 inches of rain a year.  By the sound of the rain last night and by the looks of today’s forecast, we might see a good part of their rainfall today.


Many of the buildings in this area have no gutters so the rain is just running off the roofs into the gardens.

There are flash flood warnings for the Big Island today so we may stick close to home for a while.

This is looking out our front door:


We’ll dry off quickly after a walk and it is warm enough that a Jacket isn’t needed.  It might bear a day for a swim in the pool rather than at the beach.

After a short walk we went over for a swim at the pool which is about 2 minutes away.


It’s still raining pretty hard at 12:45 but it is warm enough to read out on the lanai under cover.

Good news for Dec. 1 – the tradition lives on!


We’ll see what it under the wrapping a little later.


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