Where’s my work?

Participating in several art shows and sales the last few years has been good for me for a number of reasons.  The most important one is that it gets me talking to people and I have really enjoyed meeting people from many places, both near and far.  If I’m lucky I get to hear how they like my work when it gets to a new home.


Finnigan is a sweet little kitten who seems to like the climbing tree I made out of an arbutus branch mounted on a heavy base cut from a Douglas fir root.  It has two perches made out of red cedar.  It is in a house in our neighbourhood.



Annabelle looks pretty good in her home at Arbutus Ridge.
This little yard bird has taken up residence in Maui this past Summer.
This carving of a Red Irish Lord is outside on this sunny day on Saltspring Island.
This crabapple bowl resides on Christmas Hill in Victoria.
These two giraffes grace the front entrance of a lovely home in Fairwinds at Nanoose Bay.


These patio birds are in a condo looking out over Vancouver.

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